How good is it with old phones? : Tubidy

Tubidy, a service provider station, also allows users to download video music and change what they want. The platform can do good on every device. But does it work with old phones?

This article will solve the old mobile phone with Tubidy. This article is also a guide for downloading and converting files for old mobile phones.

Its Tubidi

Tubidy is now one of the world’s most popular music video search engines. Xu Jun searched for different languages, and he was very happy.

It is seen on the application website, so choose to download it and put it on the mobile phone, or you can skip the visit and ask for the website.

Its service allows downloading articles from all sources (such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.). When it comes to Juncai materials, it is the best partner.

Tubidy: How good is it with old phones?

If you want to drive Tubidy, but have an old phone, don’t worry. This application is therefore prepared also. From Android to Apple devices, from tablets to PCs, and even old phones.

Fear of heavy downloading and slowing down of old mobile phones. Don’t worry, with its service provider transfer to the text is very small also. It is also the sex of not lowering the mobile phone.

However, the storage space of your old phone is limited. Or want to save the text in a small size, and the king suffers.

After Tubidy downloaded the article, you can choose a small size. It is not tired of red tape for mobile phones. The quality of the text is the same as that of Dawen.

How to download conversion from old phone

The big point of this application is that it is a heterogeneous download to convert its text. You can search for files in the Tubidy search engine bar on the website, or you can transfer to the resource copy link and paste it into the search engine.

Given the text, the application will be the right thing, the son of what it does, and wait for it. If you want to convert the downloaded text to your old phone, you can follow the steps below.

1. Go online

Only connect to the Internet and surf the Internet, it is a download and transfer. Yes, make sure you have a data package, or WiFi is available. Once it’s live, it’s all about to start.

2. Go to the website from your browser

Open the browser from the phone and enter You can choose browser recording on your mobile phone.

If the website cannot be recorded in the browser, it is advisable to check the Internet connection. There is no way to record, and it is also connected by the Internet.

3. Soule Video

After recording, you should look for the rope bar on the main site. Enter the singer, song title or only one of the lyrics, if the singer or song title is not remembered.

If you lose in the column, you will show that the keywords you type can also be listed. What the son does, choose what he wants.

If you downloaded the article from FB, IG, Spotify, Twitter, YouTube, copy the link and paste it into the search bar. Leave it to chance.

4. Download the article

Click Download in the next step. The sub-must specify the file format. Therefore, the son can choose his MP4 and MP3 text.

You must choose the size of the text. The service provider will indicate the size, choose what is appropriate.

5. Save the converted text

Download and transfer, and then save it on your phone. With the old mobile phone used by Jun, it is advisable to choose Xiaowen to make it comparable to Jun’s storage space.

To create a library, you can use a USB cable to transfer files to your computer.

 Frequently asked questions when using the old Phoenix Emperor

People want to know if the website is on their old phones. Finally, the following questions are frequently asked.

1. After the transfer, the quality of the text is layered?

Nowise. Although the text is small in size, it can be appreciated with the text.

2. Can I download articles from my old phone?

Ruke. Download and turn, you can share it. Sub can be Bluetooth, email, SMS together. The receiver has its own preparation, and does not think that it will change.

3. If I want to play download music, should I connect to the Internet?

No, you don’t. You can listen to the fun of offline downloads. You don’t need to be Tubidy to play music.

Internet access is required for downloading. Download the end of the story, and the child who does it plays the music also.

4. If there is nothing on the search bar, what is my old phone?

Not. If you don’t see anything on the search bar, you don’t have an Internet connection to clear your browser cache.

But Tubidy: How good is it for my old phone? Yes also. Jun has always downloaded and transferred all stationery and hidden it on your mobile phone. Finally, enjoy it offline at any time.